Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tanks for the memories

I got up today, cup of coffee in hand I stared to read the morning news online.     
I my pajamas and slippers with my dogs curled up at my feet I look over the headlines. What fucked up ting happening in the world will make me fell ever better about being here.

Drunk driver
Cop beats suspect
Snow in the Mountains
TSA will not grope pilot's junk but yours is fair game
UN troops spread cholera in Haiti
    US to send tanks to Afghanistan 

I stop sipping my precious coffee, elixir of life.....


“Ratcheting up U.S. combat power in Afghanistan, the Pentagon is sending Abrams tanks into the battle against insurgents at a time when the U.S. and European public's are anxious to see progress in the 9-year-old war.” 

Has everyone forgotten the Russians had tanks, fighter jets, bombers and armored helicopters and divisions of their best battle hardened combat troops in their war there from the day they crossed the border and the following twenty years!!  When Russia limped home broken and disgraced their economy collapsed and President Regan took credit for bring the "wall" down.  Russia spun out of control, wars have ravaged Eastern Europe .......................

Apparently I haven’t.

How the fuck did that work out?     

Nine years into our little field trip WE, yes we, us the United States of America are going to repeat the same tactical blunder?

Karzai is a Bush "W"  puppet that should have never been installed.    He looked great in the photo opportunities with his sweet hat.  I always liked that hat. I’d wear one, but then everyone think , ”hey doesn’t that hat look like the one that dumb asshole from Afghanistan wears”?  

Like Hitler’s mustache that hat is doomed as a fashion accessory.

Under the hat was a corrupt, two faced, bi-polar doe in the headlights tool.  In the vacuum of power we created overthrowing the former government, all of the scum of the earth already in place remained. Even if Mr. Karzai was as pure as the driven snow how could he not have been corrupted by all of the power.

The Russians invaded after the US installed the last corrupt leader.   The British installed the one before that....and so on and so on all the way back to Alexander the great and he went there to kick someones ass.

In the history off Broadway  play of  “Russia’s  Vietnam” the U.S.  played the roll of the Russia supplying the Vietcong.
By the way where is our fucking Oscar??
Because plays don't Oscars dumb ass you say,
I know.

In Iraq our troops started to use larger vehicles to accomplish the ground mission against the insurgents in an urban scenario.  Their response was to use larger IEDs. This caused more US casualties and civilian “collateral damage”.   As the body counts rose the positive sentiment about us being there eroded quickly.

How the fuck did that work out?

Isn't doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is was what Albert Einstein called.....INSANITY.  Wasn’t he thought of as a fairly smart guy?

    We are so out of viable solutions we are going to knowingly implement a plan that has been proven to cost more money, cause more wounded, kill more innocent, kill more of us and ultimately and miserably fail.               
Afghanistan...the US’s Viet-Vietnam

The coffee is cold now.    

 I have chest pains

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  1. I am right here with you having chest pains